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Moving Flame Candles are distinctive from all other flameless candles. This is due to the patented flame effect technology – a flickering flame in constant motion - that makes Moving Flame Candles appear almost alive. The secret is an internal LED light source, which shines upward through electromagnets, before reaching the exposed flameless wick. The effect is a realistic “flame” that dances and moves just like a real lighted candle.

  • Thousands of candles in stock for immediate delivery.
  • We offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Our candles dance and flicker so convincingly, you won’t believe there’s no real flame.

Indoor Moving Flame Candles are constructed of real wax. Moving Flame outdoor candles utilize a weather-resistant plastic shell, complete with drain holes for moisture. All enjoy the same LED internal light source and flame effect, so you can enjoy Moving Flame Candles wherever you are.

Select a variety of sizes, colors and scents, all with convenient built-in timers. Most work with the optional remote control. Battery operated candles are the modern alternative to real candles. They provide all the ambiance and enjoyment of a lighted candle without the mess and worry: No wax drip, no smoke, no heat and no worry of fire. Battery operated candles are children and pet safe! Convenient too – you can put them in hard-to-reach places, set the timer, sit back and enjoy.